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Classic Architectural Detailing
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Historic Catalogs

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Here is a chapter list of the complete classic catalog.

Click Here for Catalog 124 – View or Download the entire 300 Page Catalog 'Ornaments for Woodwork/Furniture/Walls'

+ Download/View Specific Product Sections of this 300 Page Catalog

Click Here for Catalog 127 – 'Capitals and Brackets'

Click Here for Catalog 129 – 'Authentic Reproductions – Carvings'

Click Here for Catalog 130 – 'Plaster Ornaments'

Individual Catalogs

Click Here for Fireplace Mantels – 'Fireplace Mantels'

Click Here for Ceiling Designs – 'Ceiling Designs'

Click Here For Wall Panel Designs – 'Wall Panels'

White River Catalog

View or Download the entire 'White River Catalog'Click Here for .PDF | Click Here for Flip Book