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Classic Architectural Detailing
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Appliques From Carving Library

With an impressive pedigree dating back to the famous English Architect Robert Adam, composition (“compo”) ornaments adorn furniture pieces in many of America’s major museum collections. You will find our historic 13,000 piece carving library an unmatched resource. Read more...


Do not visit this area of our website if you are looking for generic mouldings.  We offer three distinct materials: historic composition for woodwork/furniture, beautifully detailed had cast plaster, and quality hardwoods. Our offering spans all major periods, making us an invaluable resource for all your special moulding requirements.

Walls and Ceilings

Uncommon and unique.  Dozens of classically inspired wall panel designs, nearly 200 grille sizes, window valances, ornate pilaster designs, niche shells, festoons, shields and of course ceiling medallions make this an area you should take some time viewing.

Capitals and Pilasters

When discussing column capitals and pilaster capitals, most manufacturers count their offerings in the dozens. Decorators Supply counts our offering in the hundreds, manufacturing over 20 styles of column and pilaster capitals in sizes as small as 1” and as large as 18”. Who needs custom with these many choices?


So many sizes “It’s Custom”, can be said of our corbel offering as well. We offer17 styles in over 150 sizes – ranging from 1” up to 25” and everything in between. These timeless designs stand out from the generically uninspiring designs found elsewhere.

Fireplace Mantels

15 beautifully detailed fireplace surrounds built to your specifications. Our mantels offer hand built furniture grade detailing inspired by the Classics. Our 13,000 piece carving library offers readily available options to our standard design components.

Cabinetry and Furniture

As a Premier White River Dealer, we offer a complete line of architectural millwork, mouldings and carvings. An extensive line of maple and cherry components complement nearly 2000 other architectural millwork products offered in poplar, oak and lindenwood. Curved work options available for all moulding profiles.

Heritage and Highlights

Founded as a carving and gilding company in 1883, the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 provided the catalyst for our early growth and prosperity. During the next few decades we employed dozens of European artisans who hand carved or modeled the beautiful designs found in our product offering. Read more...