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FAQ's - Molding

Moulding Comparison Information

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Decorators Supply Corp. carries what we believe to be the largest selection of moulding profiles available anywhere in the United States. Our combined offering exceeds 2500 unique profiles. These mouldings are offered in three (3) distinct materials: plaster, composite and wood. The chart below highlights key differences in the moulding types that we offer. Reviewing this information will help ensure that you select the correct mouldings to fulfill your requirements.

Key: x = Yes
L = Limited
* Glue via steaming or applying your own glue.
Lineal Mouldings by:
Moulding Type/Catalog
Paint Stain Long Lengths (10' - 16') Use
"As Is"?
Highly Sculptured Cost Standard Installation Number of Profiles
Plaster/Catalog #130 x no x (5-6') x ***** $$$ x 175
Composition / Catalog #124 x x no no ***** $$$$ no* 2,300
Mon Reale / White River x x x x *** $$$ x 80
Embossed / White River L x x x ** $$ x 80
Smooth / White River x x x x * $ x 130
MDF / White River x L x x * 1/2 $ x 14

Key Points by Moulding Type

1. Plaster - Catalog #130

Three common misconceptions of plaster mouldings are:
  1. It is Expensive.
  2. It is hard to install.
  3. Plaster is Heavy.
In fact:
  1. Plaster mouldings provide wonderful detail and size at a fraction of the cost of what a comparable style and size wood moulding would cost.
  2. All of our mouldings are reinforced and can be installed utilizing standard woodworking methods (see additional FAQ for details)
  3. Much of the weight in plaster is water, which evaporates during curing. Further, most crowns/cornices are cast with a void in the 90-degree which significantly reduces

2. Composition - Catalog #124
Our composition mouldings are designed for custom woodwork projects. These composites are onlay designs intended to be applied onto a woodwork product. The typical length of these mouldings is 12 inches. Our composition mouldings are very finely detailed and once finished look hand carved. Many high end furniture companies and custom woodwork companies utilize these beautiful designs because of the rich detail that these composite mouldings provide at a fraction of the cost of what hand carved mouldings would cost.

3. Mon Reale - White River Brand
The Mon Reale line of mouldings are wood mouldings with machine applied composite. While not as detailed as the plaster or composite mouldings, Mon Reale provides a high degree of detail at a lower price point.

4. Embossed - White River Brand
Wood mouldings where the design is embellished using heat and pressure. Embossed mouldings look wonderful with staining. Care must be taken with paint as the design may be "filled in" by paint.

5. Smooth - White River Brand
Mouldings with classic profiles but no ornamentation.

6. MDF - White River Brand
Medium Density Fiberboard - both plain and embossed (very affordable)

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