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FAQ's - Can Plaster Be Installed on the Outside of A Building?

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Plaster has been installed successfully on the exterior of buildings for over a century. There are two keys to the longevity of plaster in an exterior application. First, proper preparation of the plaster must occur at the time of installation (see the next section). Second, it is essential that the integrity of the paint remains intact throughout the life of our plaster ornaments. Plaster is a porous material. A high quality paint seals it from the elements. Once the paint begins to crack or peel it is essential that the plaster ornaments be repainted. If the planned location of the plaster ornament is inaccessible and/or the property owner is not inclined to repainting on an "as needed basis", then plaster is probably not a good choice of material. For those situations where plaster is not appropriate we would recommend that you view our selection of resin ornaments.

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