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Classic Architectural Detailing
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Trade Professionals:

  1. Quick Search Tool: Already have a specific part number? Use the website search box in the header of our website to quickly access specific part numbers for retail pricing, descriptions and product image/ CAD file where available
  2. CAD Library and Line Art: We offer over 3000 CAD drawings of our most popular designs. CAD links are located at the part number display. Simply use the search box above to find and display the part number and part image. If a CAD file is available for that item there will be a link for it at that point. New CAD files can be created upon request.
  3. Trade Requirement & Application: We do not sell through distributors or dealers. Inquiries and sales are handled directly through our experienced sales consultants. If you are a trade professional and intend to register for Trade Status on this website, please click here to view.